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"You think of it as risking your life for the one you love. But I call it just plain suicide. You want to face me? You fool."

Okay, when Luna was released and destroyed the Silver Kingdom she knew she couldn't stay there for long. So she possessed some woman(if I told you who it'd ruin the story) and taught her to worship the Dark Goddess and become the first queen of the Dark Kingdom.

Shadow Queen was the only name this woman went by. She was evil of course, but she was also calm and never lost her temper. Her first servants were Dark Goku, Evil Videl,and Dark Gohan. D Goku was the leader of the small gang and the first to die. E Videl disappeared and D Gohan soon became a good guy.

Shadow Queen did have children though. Her first son, Lord Malachite, who was ever so loyal to her and her most powerful Dark. Lamika, her oldest daughter who betrayed her mother and joined the Silver Warriors, only to re-join the Darks and become a spy. And Kuro, who was never a dark and always a loyal member of the Silver Warriors.

The Queen also had two very loyal members, the spy Jaze and her best knight, the mysterious Shadow Warrior.

Shadow Queen was killed by the hands of unknown warriors. During her dieing moments, she gave the last of her powers to some child who later became Heros, the first Dark King.

(Bg song: Poor Unfortunate Souls from Disney's The Little Mermaid)