"So this is what they mean by adult supervision..."

Raven Luna is the daughter of Quiote and grand-daughter to the Dark Goddess Luna. Meaning, she contains a quarter goddess in her. Like her father, Raven works and helps runs the Dark Temple and tutors students under the Dark Family. Also, like her father she is very clever and can be very naughty. Surprisingly, this is not to Quiote's liking.

Quiote is very protective of his daughter and seems to turn to violence when it comes to anyone touching her. Another big surprise since Quiote doesn't fight! Even when Mordread, the Dark Prince, asked for her hand in marriage, Quiote refused to go with it. But Raven doesn't care. She finds it quite humerous.

Beside all of Raven's sneakiness is a mind full of wonder. Raven has searched almost all her life for her mother, wanting to know who she is since her father won't tell her. Alot of other Dark Kingdom members know who she is but also won't tell Raven. But she doesn't throw a fit. She'll smirk and say, "Fine, I'll just figure it out myself. I enjoy a good mystery!"

Raven also has a very secret love life she tells only a few about. She says she loves this man more then she cared for Mordread since he spends more time with her and makes her laugh. But the only problem is, this man is married. The other problem is, he loves her back.

"...The life of a priestess."

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