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"I'll be the best nightmare you've ever had!"

We first stumble upon Penny right after Lamika became Mystina and Tapion was still around.... and when Penny was still innocent! *nervous laugh* Lets just say she'd been hanging around Mystina too long. But there is nothing wrong with that!

Okay, as we all know wherever Mysty goes, Tapion follows. So after Mystina met Penny she introduced her to Tapion and all three became close friends. Mysty and Tapion also stayed away from the Silver Kingdom for awhile after meeting Penny. They were glad to stay away from all the fighting and drama. Soon, curious as always, Kuro found the three and also hung around Penny's Place, enjoying the others she met there.

After a few months of this, Penny met another one of the Silver Kingdom members. Someone Mystina introduced her to because she thought they had alot in common and would get along great with. The dude she introduced Penny to was none other than Quiote! ^_^

And Mysty was right! The two got along quite well.... ahem, a little too well! I think it was around this time, Penny became a night creature that fed on the dreams of lustful men. aka a succubus.

Sadly, when Penny finally got the courage to admit her feelings to Quiote, he told her he couldn't get into such a relationship because he's not worth the trouble and she could meet someone much better. But, even though Penny has a choice of many other men, she will not stop caring for Quiote.

(Bg song: Perfection from Oliver and Company)