Hey Mysty, have you seen Xeros lately? *wink wink* Why ever did you drop him?!

I didn't drop him! I was forced into marriage! So back off Aravis!

I don't think so, sweety. I'm sweet and single again. Why should you care anyways? I thought you were in love with...

Ara! Don't even say his name!

Whose name?

Oh? No one's! *smiles innocently*

Then why are you blushing? Have you been seeing someone else?!

Ooooh! Mysty's gonna get it!

Shut up Aravis!

Ladies, ladies. Lets stop arguing over me! Theres plenty to go around.

In your dreams Keiin!

Grrr... Don't ever put Keiin and dreams in the same sentence ever again!

Awww whats wrong Ara?

Leave me alone?!

Or what?

Or I'll give you nightmares for the rest of your life!

*sighs* Idiots...

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