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Since you were the one who did click the link, you know that beyond this point is some adult content which isn't appropriate for the child's eye. I know, you hate this kind of warning but it has to be put on here. You never know, someone might have stubbled onto it not knowing what hentai meant. But nothing on here is too graphic. So all you pervs don't get too excited.

This section is being made by Keiin and Quiote but is being supervised by me, Aravis, the webmistress. (Note: If you truly are reading this warning click the Kuro/Mai taunt gif at the bottom...)I don't want to get in trouble if gurlpages catches this.

Another thing. Parents: don't get onto your kids if you find this in the history folder. There are perverted things in this folder but the worst stuff will have a much bigger warning than this. So now ladies and gentlemen, enjoy what you've waited to look at!


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