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"People like me don't come in packs. I'm one of a kind, honey."

Mystina is a very interesting addition to the Silver Kingdom storyline. After Lamika is finally accepted to release herself from the darkness she is taken to the silver cave. Keiin was the only one who went with her.

After a few hours of waiting, Keiin stepped out of the cave carrying a tall, and bountiful blonde.

This blonde, we all know and love, is Mystina. Like Lamika, she is also a seductress. Wether her dark form is Lamika though still remains a mystery. Why? Because Lamika's silver form is actually Jadis. So where did Mystina come from? Ah well, she is a very welcoming addition.

Mystina is best friends with Tapion and Penny, whom she'd do anything for. She used to work for Utena until she was dethroned, but she still helps her out every now and then. Mystina also has a loyal servant, the priest Quiote. He was the one who raised her son, Mordread.

This young sorceress was dearly in love with the silver knight, Xeros. He would do anything for her. Everyone thought this was the picture perfect couple. Up until Heros, the dark king and Xeros's brother, came along and claimed Mystina as his bride. Mystina had no choice but to leave Xeros. She soon gave birth to Heros's two children, Mordread and Hollidai.

So what was once the cheerful, loving, woman became the slave of her forceful husband's willing lust.

Oh dear... whose Mysty hanging onto now? *looks in Xeros's direction*

(Bg song: I won't say I'm in Love from Disney's Hercules)