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"If it were your kingdom, then I'd obey your rules. But seeing as its my order now, your a dead man."

Mordread is another interesting character, like his mother Mystina. He was the first and only son of Mysty and Heros, and the future crowned king of the Dark Kingdom. Heros sped Mordread's age up to where every two months was a year to him. He stopped this fast-age process when the prince reached 18. A good age to be king.

As a child, Mordread was pure innocence. He was trained under his teacher and priest, Quiote. Quiote was ordered to teach him basic learning like maths and literature, as well as fighting and magic. This mixture of training would make Mordread the most powerful king of the Dark Kingdom.

One thing Mordread hates is being alone. He doesn't go mad when he's by himself, but he seems to break down and hide until someone appears. Quiote knew he had to break this habit before Heros found out.

The habit only became worse when Mordread turned 18. His sister was 14 by then and pure evil, as Mordread was still pure innocence. (which isn't dark king material) Strange enough, Hollidai wasn't a student of Quiote but she managed to over-power Mordread and use him... her own brother! Scared and ashamed, Mordread hid from the Dark Kingdom and stayed with his new priest, Xellos.

But, when Mordread found out Hollidai turned good, something came over him. He turned into his father and came back to the Dark Kingdom. He married a vampire named CarlAia and together they took over the Dark Kingdom.

Mordread turned from innocent to right down wicked. He has two other wives, including Quiote's daughter. (Believe me... Quiote isn't too happy..)And he's just plain ruthless. All his followers are not any original members of the Dark Kingdom. He found himself some new people and brought them into the Dark Kingdom. (most are listed under "others")

(Bg song: I just Can't Wait to be King from Disney's The Lion King)