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Come check out some great sites we have listed here! Don't hesitate to make a link exchange with us! Just e-mail Mysty at:

Mystina's Bed of Roses
Our Very own Mysty's website. This place is a collection of all her favorite bishounen. Beware: This place is being guarded by King of Fighters Iori Yagami, and the infamous Final Fantasy villains!

Penuno's Palace
Our very own Penny's site! Here we see another collection but of Penny's things! Check out the sites about her character, Team Rocket's James and Butch, and much more!
The official site to the greatest band ever made! Stop by their chatroom, look for up-coming tour dates and see when their new album will arrive.

Fighter's Generation
The ultimate source for fighting game information. I've seen character biographies on every fighting game ever made except Smash Bros. and Eternal Champions.

Celeberty Hentai
The best and FREE hentai site on the net. This where we picked up those great Kuro/Mai pics and a few video clips came from here.

Disney Madness!!
This is where we got all our Disney background music! All our midis come from here! Well... except the Popcorn theme. I love Disney movies don't you?! They're all so cute and musical! hehehehehe

G and P Washu's Secret Lab
This is my buddy's webpage. It's got your anime gallerys, message board, and fics. Just alotta stuff to look at. A great way to spend time, don't you think?