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"Your intellegance is blocking off the mystery of my existance.."

Don't let her look fool you. Lamika may look like an innocent child, but inside hides one of the most evil and cleverest darks of them all. Next to Tapion, D'Gohan, and Hollidai, Lamika is probably the most memorable of all the Shadow Dreams characters.

Years after the Silver Kingdom was destroyed and Shadow Queen was in rule, a young vampire appeared before the Silver Warriors, begging for their help. She told them The Darks were after her because she was the key to some of the darkest and most seeked secrets of the Midnight Temple. Interested and concerned for this girl, the Silver Warriors swore to protect her and recruit her as one of them.

Later on, Lamika became an original of the group and everyone seemed to love her. The more time she spent with them, the more about her past they learned. It seemed strange that her memory ended just a few months before the destruction of the Silver Kingdom. So everyone presumed that this girl must be the dark form of their missing princess, Jadis.

Years past, and Lamika went along with the theory that she was Princess Jadis. After learning almost everything about each Silver Warrior, one day she led them into a trap where every member of The Darks stood. The Silver Warriors thought they were following them and going to attack Lamika, so they prepared to protect her.

Then the little girl began to laugh...wickedly..

Shocked and confused, the warriors turned to Lamika and she struck them all with her most vicious attacks. She told them about her assasin job and how Shadow Queen offered her alot of money to spy on the Silver Warriors and gather information for her.

Since then, the Silver Warriors never trusted or allowed anyone else into thier group.

But it still remains a mystery if Lamika is really the dark form of Jadis...

(Song: Arabian Night from Disney's Aladdin)