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"Kuro's look is suppose to be cute... not seductive. But whatever you like!"

Kuro is known as the kawaii ninja. She's always happy, ditzy, and practically wild. Not what you'd expect from the last child of Shadow Queen! She also tends to talk in third person, only adding to her cuteness.

Kuro appeared near the end of the Dark series and just as the Dark Kingdom was about to be. She appeared as a silent ninja dressed in black, and was thought to be a dark spy. Up until she saved the Silver Warriors from a fierce battle with Nectecia. Then she was greatly welcomed into the warriors and became Xeros's partner in crime.

Later on, Kuro started to grow away from the Silver Warriors when she fell in love for the first time. She was always around her "fiancee" or hanging with Mystina, her big sister. (To Kuro, no actual relation) Wondering where his partner has been lingering around, Xeros decided to check it out. After finding out about her love affair, he disguised himself as a villain and tried to take Kuro back. After many failed attempts,Xeros finally gave up and let the girl be.

Kuro soon returned after Mordread took over the Dark Kingdom and helped out. But this time, not alot. From lack of training, she became one of the weakest of the warriors. So now Kuro spends her time training in the woods, earning back her fast ninja skills.

(Bg song: Bibbidy Boddidy Boo from Disney's Cinderella)