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"You've come too close to our territory... Now you will die. Theres no going back. This is fate."

Jaze was one of the first and strongest of the darks. Though he didn't give much of an appearance and only talked when it seemed important, he really cared about his clan and was protective about everyone. Especially Lamika.

When Lamika first appeared to get her job from Shadow Queen, he was with her. Jaze was her personal guardian. He also "joined" the Silver Warriors as a spy since he wouldn't leave her side. No one knows why he protects Lamika, he just tells everyone that she's the jewel he can't leave. Was it love? No. Because Jaze had a lover already.

Her name was Domonique.

Not much is known about Jaze since he was always so silent and pretty much kept to himself. He only seemed to be around when Lamika was in trouble or someone was bothering her. He was truly faithful.

Until the day Lamika admitted her betrayal to the Silver Warriors. Jaze could not go along with it and left Lamika. Seeing that he was not fit to be Dark, Shadow Queen nearly killed him. Jaze became unconsious. He woke up the next day, finding himself in the Midnight Temple.

Kayin was there and explained to him the situation and that Jaze is not fit to be a Dark and he was a past warrior at the Silver Kingdom.

Since then, Jaze's dark form left him and he became Tapion.

(Song: Kill the Beast from Disney's Beauty and the Beast)