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"One who says their innocent is usually trying to cover up something. So I'll just say don't ask."

Hollidai is the last child of Heros and Mystina, meaning she is not the crowned queen of the Dark Kingdom. But she could really care less if she ruled or not. Like Mordread, Heros sped up her age until she reached fourteen. A very big mistake since Hollidai had no childhood and no time to mature.

Since she was never around her mother, being the only daughter her father spoiled her. He also never punished her and granted her as many husbands, guardians and servants as she pleased. So Hollidai was nothing but a spoiled brat.

Because of all the guardians flocking around her, Hollidai was never touched by enemies. But most lived in fear of her name. This was one big reason her own mother turned back to the Silver Warriors along with her son.

Hollidai hates her older brother, Mordread, and picks on him every chance she gets. Mordread only lets her because he thinks she's just a kid who will learn someday.

Until she made the most surprising move in Shadow Dream history...

Hollidai over-powered her own brother and took advantage of him. This was a big shock that left everyone speechless. Then, she went and did it again, and again, and again...

After hearing the sickening news, Mystina had had enough. Not even her own father could stop her! But all it took was her mother to confront the teenager and slap her good across the face. This caused Hollidai to fall to her knees, crying and begging for forgiveness. She also wished to be re-born.

But Mystina did not agree to this and showed her only daughter the Dark Temple, where Quiote could take care of her and train her to be a priestess. Hollidai agrees and now spends her days in the temple, away from the painful memory of her older brother.

So take me
Someplace far away
To a true elsewhere
Please take me there

Magic that lasts
Never-ending kiss
Revery without break
Unperishable bliss

Take me...

Holli when she was evil, now the good Holli whose becoming a priestess

(Bg song: Reflections from Disney's Mulan)