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"Doing it for love sounds kind of disgusting... So how about you say I saved the girl for love? People won't look at you like a freak then."

D'Gohan started out as a Dark for a very short time. Like his master, D'Goku, he felt nothing but destruction and murder. Until the day he caught the eye of Aravis, HIS dream girl.

D'Goku had ordered D'Gohan to try a sneak attack on the Silver Warriors. After taking down Kayin, with his hands covered in blood he turned to his next victim. He stopped suddenly at the woman behind him, starring at him with sorrow. D'Gohan suddenly felt shame and confusion as he starred at this woman. Finally after Aravis cried out, "What have you done?!" he realized the pain he had been inflicting on others.

So after that failed battle, D'Gohan left the Darks and begged Aravis to take a liking to him. Being the sweet person Aravis is, she agreed and soon fell in love with him.

Now D'Gohan protects the Silver Warriors, especially Aravis. He battles side by side with Xeros and Tapion to try and end the war that has been going on forever. But he always finds time out of his violent day to care for his love.