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"Come on people... can't you dream something other than sex?!"

Now its time for the bestest biography of them all.... MY BIOGRAPHY! Me! Aravis! The webmistress! (even though the co-masters Quiote and Mystina are doing all the html... hehe)

Well when did I first appear? Well... I kinda started the story. Aravis has been called the controller of dreams. Cuz thats what I do! ^_~ Anyways... on with the story.

During the destruction of the Silver Kingdom, Aravis appeared to fight beside Xeros and Tapion. Seeing as it was too late to save the kingdom, Aravis met Biko and told her to create the Silver Warriors.

Though it doesn't seem like it, Aravis is one of the most powerful of the mages. She has the power to control dreams, fortell the future, and can just about summon any kind of spell. Aravis was never a member of the darks. She is a goddess and as a goddess she has the duties to remain good.

Ever since eternity, all Aravis sees in people's dreams are mainly thier craving for lust. This makes her want a love of her own. This is when Aravis meets D. Gohan. An ex Dark. The two fall in love and have never become apart since.

Heh and you guys say Mysty is a bombshell. Come check out me!

(Bg song: Once Upon a Dream from Disney's Sleeping Beauty)